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Alizeh -The Rain Brings Forgotten Dreams

Alizeh ran away from home at fourteen, there was, no other choice. Her days were spent, running and each night, crying herself to sleep. Unaware, at the time, her life was everything, anyone could hope for. As a  typical teenager, there was always s plethora of things to be unhappy about. If only proper appreciation was given. Maybe then, it wouldn’t all be  gone.

      If only things were different. This world, was missing the point, on so much, and there was nothing to be done. One person could never win, against the church counsel, even a mob of people, wouldn’t stand a chance. It would take a, full scale, revolution to make any real changes.

     Gazing at the sky, knowing, tonight, like every night, since her world ended, the pattern would continue. So, the tears  were allowed to fall freely. it was cathartic, as the tears started to slow, still waiting, knowing, without a doubt, it would come. As expected, the sound of light tapping from rain, hitting the top of her tent. Sh…

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