Genesis: The Beginning, Let There Be Life

The History of Anwyn, And The Multiverse


 Zeek looked at this broken group of trangers. Well, it is a place to start, he thought, as he sucked in his breath. He let it out, and prepared to start his speech.

 "In the beginning, there was only a timeless vastness, called Platonia. The existence in Platonia, consisted exclusively of, dark matter and dark energy. At one point, the dark matter became very concentrated, which caused an explosion. This explosion, created the very first realm, Anwyn.
 So as not to confuse you, I want to stop for a moment, and explain something. Although, this all started, many hundreds of years ago. A lot of what I say will be in the present tense. I may switch back and forth, but this is only to put emphasis on certain parts of what I am going to say.

I cannot convey, the reality of this cosmic happenstance, completely, in the past tense, as it is still, very much, playing out. The consequences of this, twinkling in time, are woven into boundless facets, of our existence. Once formed, Platonia became home to, dark energy. This energy is part of all things. It makes every particle, in existence, embrace and become part of a whole. This energy, is the closest thing, any of the universes have to a real God. Thus, Platonia could be considered the God realm.

Please understand, when I speak of God, don't picture a God, who had any impact on the happenings of his worshipers lives. In time, this changed too, but we will go over those details later. Anwyn existed by itself for many years. This is the one, and only, realm of the Fae. Those who inhabited this magical place, were immortal, and God like.

 Humans did not exist, at this point. One day, a piece of Anwyn blew up, and somehow, created a new world. This world became known as Hypatia. For one whole cycle of human birth and death, Hypatia was the only human realm.

Then just as suddenly, as it's creation, a phenomenon started occurring. Every time a major decision was made, threads of tiny particles, created newly formed realms. These particles are called wave functions. In Every new realm, the consequence of each decision, will play out. The pattern will continue, until the world fades away.

 Each of these new worlds, could have infinite worlds, or realms, attached. When this started happening; another phenomenon began. People in Anwyn, became allergic to certain poisonous plants. They had always been immortal. This turn of events was, unfathomable. No one could have imagined, one day they would wake up, and something as simple as a flower, would be capable of ending their existence. 

When someone is exposed to one of these plants, it is always fatal, except for one clan. For some reason, Orion's mothers, entire clan, was immune to the poison; except her father of course, but that story is for another time. At the moment, of death, the soul, of those born in Anwyn, will be called to, either of two situations. Some end up, with the fate of a demon, destined to lurk around the underworld, for eternity. Most souls, however, end up, in Platonia, to become Gods.

 The Majority of the souls, energy is released into, one of the newly formed realms. It was almost as if, the Gods were overwhelmed with, the ever expanding number, of realities. There have been speculations, they were in need of reinforcement, so they took the best of the best. This makes perfect sense, because Fae are naturally godlike. Plus, humans died in multitudes, daily. There were plenty of options.

 I haven't quite worked it all out yet, but every day I get closer to the truth. I think I have given you more than enough to think about, for now. If you have any questions, I will be available.”

 He left them all standing there, looking confused, and overwhelmed. It was a lot to take in, but it was information they needed. Hopeful they would all make the right decision, there was no more he could do, until he knew they were all still with him.