Alizeh -The Rain Brings Forgotten Dreams

      Alizeh ran away from home at fourteen, there was, no other choice. Her days were spent, running and each night, crying herself to sleep. Unaware, at the time, her life was everything, anyone could hope for. As a  typical teenager, there was always s plethora of things to be unhappy about. If only proper appreciation was given. Maybe then, it wouldn’t all be  gone.

      If only things were different. This world, was missing the point, on so much, and there was nothing to be done. One person could never win, against the church counsel, even a mob of people, wouldn’t stand a chance. It would take a, full scale, revolution to make any real changes.

     Gazing at the sky, knowing, tonight, like every night, since her world ended, the pattern would continue. So, the tears  were allowed to fall freely. it was cathartic, as the tears started to slow, still waiting, knowing, without a doubt, it would come. As expected, the sound of light tapping from rain, hitting the top of her tent. She did not remember, it ever raining so much in her old life.

      Unwittingly, following the same pattern, her mind drifted back to her home, and her oldest friend; Sweet, kind and loving, Cade. The last time they were together, was the first time, they ever even hinted, at the feelings, they both had been hiding. They were too young to really understand, and appreciate the kind of love they shared. They found joy, strength, and peace; in each other’s presence. Some people search entire lifetimes, for such a connection.

      None of that mattered, anyway; they would never meet again. Sometimes: a wish spoken softly came rushing out: If only we had never met, then this pain would fade away, and maybe I could feel whole again. It had been two years, since that  night. She was a wanderer now, a gypsy, a vagabond. Never stopping for long, in one place, and avoiding people, at all cost. In fact, Alizeh had only spoken to one person, since leaving. He was a tiny man, named Zeek, who appeared to vanish, after they said their goodbyes.

       It’s funny, how much time has been spent, just asking herself, if their encounter was real. Even so, each night, while it rains, seemingly, over her tent, alone; the crying begins, as her mind wanders, to him. Finally, after falling asleep, the same dream plays in her head. The details never quite come to mind, while in a conscience state.

They are always, on the tip of her memory, but she was never able to recall, even the slightest hint. At last the Sandman drags her under, into a satisfyingly deep sleep, and someone hit the switch, in her brain. Once again, the dream, she has never quite been able to grasp, starts to play.

     Hypatia was the first, of all the human world’s. It is the only one created, directly from Anwyn. It seems obvious, this would give them the advantage, of being the most magical, mortal realm. When, in reality, this realm is almost, completely devoid of Magic.

      There are a handful of people, who beat the odds, and have tiny traces of repressed magical abilities. Most of these people, have no clue, what magic is, or that they are blessed with this precious gift. Magic has no room to grow here, it is blocked by the negative energy, that permeates the air. Hypatia, had potential to be an amazing, magical place. After all, it was formed directly from Anwyn, which was created by, Platonia, the realm of silent Gods. Unfortunately, this was not to be.

        Those born to this land, never knew about, Anwyn or Platonia. Maybe if they did, things would have been different. The people, had questions, about their existence, and were desperate for a purpose. They needed something to believe in, so bad, they created a God, and a set of rules to follow.

      At first, it helped keep people in line. It fostered kindness, giving, and brotherly love. It built a sense of community, and gave people that sense of purpose, they needed so badly. Sadly the rules, soon became stricter, and slowly kindness, left the equation. People became, so hyper focused on their

      God's ideology, they lost everything good, and right, within themselves. Gradually, this deity started to change too. His anger grew, as he turned spiteful and vengeful. The people started shaping their God, to meet their own needs.

       It quickly, became less about helping each other, and more about making a show out of other’s misfortunes. Good deeds, were no longer based on, what was good for the community. Good deeds were now, centered around what would, get the most praise, and fill the coffers fastest.

Soon, those living in Hypatia, were turning a blind eye to hate, and discrimination,  as long as their lord and savior agreed. Not all councils behaved this way, some were still good people, trying to do the right thing, but most were corrupt. Twisting the word of this made up, hero, to fit whatever agenda, they were trying to push.

    One such counsel, started a tradition many moons ago. When the first born daughter, reached the age of 14, their virtue, was to be sold, to the highest bidder. This started about 50 years after Hypatia, formed, and continues today.

     Unfortunately, people who asked too many questions or spoke against the church, or council were burned, as witches. So, people who believed in anything else, did so behind closed doors, in silence, and in fear. They were very proud of their witch hunts, tortures,  murders. They believed, If they sinned, in God’s name, then it wasn’t really a sin.

      Those magical people, mentioned earlier, who managed to hold onto a sliver, were the few who dared, take a step back and realize things were not right. These were the healers, horticulturist, animal care takers, and artists. They all share a common bond, and not one of them were aware of it.
Alizeh knew nothing about the bond, her family shared, with others.

     Really, it would not have mattered at this point, in her life. Her only wish was, simply, to live her life again. She would have given anything, to stop running, and be free from this constant fear. If so many people didn’t need her protection, it may have been worth it, to risk it all, and try to go home.

     Unfortunately; for now, running was still the best course of action. One day, her heart will tire, from all this running, and when it does, her enemies, better be on the lookout. Their God, isn’t going to be able to save, them. May he have mercy on their souls.