GENÈVE- The Day of Death

In a Universe, where every decision, creates a new world; Genève is cast out, from Anwyn, and forced into one of the human realms. Thankful to be alive, the focus should be, adjusting to this new reality, but emptiness consumes every minute of every day. What makes it worse is, this is never going to change. As a child, the spirit of Anwyn called out, in a voice no one else could hear. It told secrets, that would die with her. In return, she wove, tiny pieces of her soul, into the essence of the realm. Few had ever seen Anwyn's spirit before, and no other, had the ability to manipulate its energy.

 Unaffected by societies affliction, with blindness, and eyes wide open, it was obvious, Anwyn was a living, breathing thing. Inexplicably drawn in, it cried out for her. She knew, if she could just get back, she would feel, Talon there. It didn’t matter what her aunt said, it had been proven, family is not to be trusted. That is a mistake, which won't be repeated.

 Life in the human realm, had a devastating start. Genève lost everything,and everyone. Everything was perfect, a few weeks ago. Living peacefully in her naivety, it never even occurred to her, things could change. Surrounded by nothing, but emptiness, wondering if her life being spared was a gift, or a punishment. What goes up, must come down. They say your twin flame is, the other part of your soul. This makes perfect sense to her. The instant she lost Talon, the part of her soul capable of love, compassion, and trust, was nowhere to be found. He was the good one, now the only thing left, is malevolence. The pain was too much to bare. In the aftermath, it was only natural to slip into survival mode.

 As her heart lapidifies, for its own protection, a deep rage begins. It is constantly simmering, on the surface. It didn’t help, these feelings of dissociation. As if, just going through the motions, of the, poor, naive, girl from the past. The girl is dead now; darkness alone remains. A deal was struck, the day of death. Her aunt pushed relentlessly for, revenge. Once her mission was complete, she started focusing on her next move. When she controls, every realm, the next step is, home. Who will stop her? She decides, she needs a Wizard, to help her return to Anwyn. Since they’re immune to her magic, she has to do this the old fashioned way.

 She finally gets the attention of, a powerful Wizard. It takes months to get him to look up, from his experiments, and look up he must. He is only A smidge over, three and a half feet tall. It takes forever, but she finally, cons him, into proposing. It is hard, not to
think about what could have been.
  The kind of love she has for Talon, spans space and time. She has no intention of ever loving anyone else. Her chance of living happily ever after, died with him. So, she might as well, marry someone who can help her get home. At least then, some of the brokenness can heal.

 She goes to him, first thing, the morning after he proposes. She has some news, she is anxious to tell him, but he is already celebrating. This is out of character for him, and she doesn’t want to steal, his moment. She decides to let him go first. When he tells her, he can now move between the dimensions, it takes her by surprise, she lets her mask slip. It is just for a split second, but it is too late. A tiny glimpse of her true self. That’s all it takes. He breaks it off, and tells her to leave.

 Angry and hurt, with rage at the forefront, she vows to get even. So begins, a foolish feud. It destroys, threads, of the Universe, and puts everything at risk. Will Genève be able to work, with her enemies, to save the Universe? Will she stick to her selfish ways? Could she turn her back on those she swore to protect, by turning them over to, the Demon Roark? He did tell her, a life for a life….